WWGOA LIVE! September 2015

We had a GREAT LIVE session September 29th! Our goal was to get LOTS of your questions answered, and to show some cool new products we found at a recent woodworking show. Hopefully you found it a fast-paced hour (or so) of woodworking info.

We covered a wide range of topics including hide glue and its applications, board foot calculations, jigs for routing dadoes with a hand-held router, ebonizing wood, and a whole lot more. Check out the archived video here, and watch for the date of our next WWGOA LIVE.

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28 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! September 2015”


    • What kind of finished did Joanie use on her intarsia projects that were shown on the April 2016 live show? • What is the difference between sanding sealer and regular unwaxed shellac? When would you use one and not the other? UNIONTOWN, OHIO

  2. John Roederer

    Thanks for this informative session

  3. jake w

    Great Presentation. Can't wait for the next one.

  4. Charles

    Fantastic show

  5. Rick Pihl

    Thanks George !!!

  6. David Boyd

    Location: City of Hamilton,North Island, New Zealand. Best wishes. David Boyd.

  7. Dolores Testerman

    Just want to say THANKS! I enjoy these!

  8. Steve

    watching from Brisbane Australia

  9. gnuckols

    Not nearly as far away as other viewers, but greetings from Lake County, California! Thanks for another great live show.

  10. David Boyd

    Viewing live right now in New Zealand. Our time 2.50 pm Wed 30th.