WWGOA LIVE! October 2015

Was it the recent full moon? Was it because Halloween is right around the corner? We ran into some technical goblins getting this month’s event started, and once we were up and running the power went out at Kayleen’s house, so we lost her. But we prevailed, and – thanks to your great questions – covered a lot of ground at the WWGOA LIVE event on October 28th. And this is pretty cool. We had viewers from all over the world: Scotland, Ireland, France, the Philippines, and the good old USA. That’s amazing.

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39 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! October 2015”

  1. George Vondriska

    As promised, here's the contact info for WWGOA Customer Service. Email wwgoasubscription@program-director.net or phone number 1-855-253-0822

  2. Wade

    Texas, yay!

  3. wvalentin

    William here. I'm a premium member from South Carolina " on the the porter cable 4212 router jig. does it matter which face of the pin board faces you when route the sockets? and Why?

  4. Karl Studley

    watching from Manila, Philippines

  5. Doug Landphair

    I had to edge glue up 4 - 11" x 1-3/4" walnut boards for a table top. I used my 8" jointer to square up each board edge. Before using the jointer I used a machinist square to ensure the fence was precisely at 90 degrees. However, one the boards were lined up it was obvious that the edges weren't exactly square. I was able to do a work around and got the boards glued up okay. The question is: What's the best way to ensure that the jointer fence is set at exactly 90 degrees?

  6. Lindsay Connor

    I'm farthest, I am watching from New Zealand.

  7. Danny

    Beaverton, Oregon

  8. Mark

    What is the smallest workbench you have used? I was thinking of one built on top of a bookcase, due to shortage of space. (from northern Wisconsin)

  9. William

    I am from Ireland

  10. robert Wilson

    what type of biscuits did you use when making the stools