WWGOA LIVE! August 2015

Another LIVE session complete! Once again, it was a lot of fun, and you provided great questions for us. We tried some new work with graphics and images. Hope you like them, and that they help make the answers more clear. Make sure to keep an eye out for our next session.

how to buy a router guide

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32 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! August 2015”

  1. luther42

    I recently read an article about sharpening which referred to "flattening a waterstone", but it didn't say how to do it. So, how does one do it?

  2. gmkrupka

    Hi George, I am in the process of making a few birch 6" diameter bowls. You use a mixture of 1/3 shellac, 1/3 mineral spirits and 1/3 linseed oil to seal the wood. My question is, is this a safe combination for serving food like salads in the bowl once this mixture is used on the bowl? If not what would you recommend? Thank you. Best Regards, Jerry

  3. Roger

    Gr8 tip w/packing tape.

  4. John Effer

    I notice today that most furniture is made of chipboard. I absolutely refuse to use this crap material. It should be banned from the building industry altogether.

  5. ed straub

    I need more information on outdoor project like animal and bird cages

  6. Eric Wilcox

    Hi George - I made all your Adirondack templates out of 1/8" hardboard. Have not started my builds yet (building four). Wish I would have used 1/4" instead, for purposes of more easily using a flush trim router bit to clean up all my bandsaw cuts. Would you suggest I make new 1/4" templates, or try to make the 1/8" templates work with my router bits? FYI, using a router table. I suppose I can make one set of good final parts, and flush trim off of those, but that doesn't solve the problem for future Adirondack builds. Thoughts?

  7. Mark Kirchhoff

    I've used an electric sprayer to finish projects but frequently have a lot of bubbles. Do you have some suggestions for how to regulate the spray?

  8. Andy

    Is there a way to make sure a MagFence is parallel on a bandsaw?

  9. Mike H

    I bought a good quality curved spokeshave and sharpened the blade. I don't seem to have the knack of using it - can't get a nice smooth shaving. Seems to catch and chip out even with the thinest shaving. Can you show how to do this and get good results?

  10. gladtidings

    got my Q in too late on the last one - I made a tongue drum with ten tongues top with Paduk - when I cut the tongues, I was only half done and noticed the tongues started TWISTING! and they all did not twist the same... was this a characteristic of the Paduk? or was the wood too dry or damp? or just a nutty thing? The drum sounded incredible when done and tuned, but I had to plane down the proud edges. ???