WWGOA LIVE! October 2017

Thanks for tuning in. We had a great session with lots of really good questions covering topics from lock miters to finishing. Viewers joined us from all over the world, including Paris and Japan. Very cool.

0:30 Lock miters
2:05 Plywood router bits vs stackable dado heads
4:20 Prefinish maple with Seal Coat?
6:10 Characteristics of common woods
8:35 Dado head for cutting a mitered half lap?
9:50 Is elm a good woodworking wood?
11:44 Guidance on cabinet face frames
14:58 Right blade for making multiple pass dadoes
18:00 Tips for getting a good paint finish in mdf
20:30 Making log cookies
23:34 Holding power of Titebond glues
24:34 Walnut bowl that cracked.
26:30 Removing water stains from finish
27:22 Wood and finish choices for countertops
28:56 Casters on tools?
29:23 Making sandpaper last longer
32:10 Painting particle board
34:30 CNC machine recommendations
36:00 How long for wood to dry?
37:24 UV blocking finish for pens
38:33 Why can’t you plane end grain?
39:55 Matching stains to existing color
42:10 Shop-made jig, or buy them?
43:35 Chestnut good to work with?
44:45 Repairing old, flaky wood?
46:17 Brands of moisture meters
47:33 Building a tap dance floor
49:38 LVLP or HVLP?
50:27 Biggest project George ever built
52:14 Chip out on lock miters
53:22 Determining type of finish
55:46 George’s teaching schedule
56:50 SuperMax sander?
57:18 Big box store ply for jigs?

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77 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! October 2017”

  1. Trecia

    FYI-- Gratefully watching from Delaware

  2. Natalie Steadman

    What is the best wood to make a indoor barn door for my bathroom entrance?

  3. Nicholas

    (Listening from Cincinnati, Ohio) I am also new to wood working and have been wondering if you have any recommendations on a solid dovetail saw under $50?

  4. karl

    I have watched WWGOA for some time. I'm watching from my shop. i have noticed that your coping saw hanging on peg board has not moved in an while. Colorado

  5. Randy

    I'm thinking of getting a drum sander. What is your opinion of the Super Max 25-50 sander

  6. Natalie

    What type of wood is best for making an indoor barn door

  7. Dick

    For the person who inquired about a finish for a "tap dance" floor: Maybe he should check with a bowling alley as their lanes take a lot of abuse.


    Do you have any hints or tips on using Lock Miter router bits across the end grain of wood? I have tired and with the grain on the edge or face is ok but across the end grain is not working out.

  9. Ken

    What would be your choice for a router/ riser for a home made table? From Newark, CA.

  10. Geoff

    Stewart Island, New Zealand