WWGOA LIVE! October 2016

Our October LIVE went great. Rustic furniture, stabilizing wood, cleaning planer rollers, and lots more! Thanks for the great questions.

:44 C clamp source
2:45 Making rusting furniture
7:43 Air dried wood for furniture?
8:42 Bowl and tray kits and bits
12:33 Stabilizing green wood with Pentacryl
14:13 Setting up a dado head on the table saw
20:08 Gauge blocks for dado height
21:00 George and The Handyman Club
22:02 Bosch REAXX and SawStop
24:20 WWGOA Live schedule
25:07 High gloss finish on outdoor structure
26:16 I too shall something make….
28:01 Sanding knife handles
30:15 Inflatable drum sanders
31:35 Noise, neighbors, and woodworking
33:42 Ripping thin strips on the table saw
39:17 Stanley #80 scraper
43:12 Aquarium stand
46:47 Portable saw mill
48:00 Plunge router or fixed base?
49:14 Flattening veneer
53:36 Finishing a burl coffee table
57:13 Loquat knife handle
58:53 George’s teaching schedule
1:01:59 Sheba’s goodbye

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82 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! October 2016”

  1. Barry

    Love listening to you teach. I'm also a shop/industrial arts/ CTS teacher for Junior Senior High and Adult evening classes teacher. Been teaching for 30+ years and still love learning things new and being reminded of things I've not done in a while. For the last few years I've been on disability so when I get a chance to build I revel in the making but I truly miss teaching. Congratulations on being able to still teach and the success of your online and traveling classes.

  2. Jim Bartlett

    I find it very difficult to understand the questions being posed to George, due to the audio quality. It sounds like the voice of the lady who states the questions is being picked up at a microphone located too far away from her, which introduces echoes or something else that contributes to poor audio quality. Please consider either providing her a microphone of her own, or have George restate the questions.

  3. James

    Looks like you can find clamp similar to the 4'' E-Z Release C-Clamp from Rockler at Harbor Freight: https://www.harborfreight.com/4-inch-quick-release-c-clamp-4137.html

  4. Carole

    I buy a lot of tools, but don't know how to use them. This site is very helpful. Thanks. One suggestion: please wear a lighter colored shirt on the videos. Some of the tools are difficult to see against a black shirt.

  5. Keith Dietrich

    George, I would like to comment on the way you mounted the dado set and saw blade. Keeping the saw collar clean and free of dust is very important. A spec of dust on the saw collar can cause a good saw blade to wobble. The same thing happens with dust in between the chippers and magnifies out to the outside blade. You mention that you recommend leaving the outside collar off and tighten the arbor nut against the outside blade. Doing so may cause a dishing of the set because of the undercut of the inside collar. Also the nut has very little contact with the blade and may come loose. Threads are designed that 3 threads have the maximum strength of the screw. I am a retired engineer that spent over 25 years with Systi-Matic Company designing saw blades and trouble shouting sawing problems.

  6. Chris

    Watching from just south of London, UK on Friday.

  7. Nick

    love the live streaming session it was great .Nick from Australia

  8. Michael

    Wonderful seminar, George. I had some of the same questions that were presented tonight. One thing I would like to comment on is Craftsman tools. I hate them, although I have a few. Their tools don't allow for using aftermarket attachments so you have to buy theirs. Quality is also lacking. They may look nice, but precision is not one of their strong points. Have you ever reviewed any of Craftsman products? Thanks again. Some day I hope to get to one of your classes.

  9. Richard

    Great show. Can't wait till November. 10. Will be watching from Waxhaw N.C.

  10. Mark

    First viewing of your thursday live show. Much enjoyed. Thanks! Mark, Reno NV.