WWGOA LIVE! May 2018

Winter in Wisconsin has (finally) ended. A beautiful evening, and great night in the shop answering questions and running tools. Here’s what we did:

1:57 Wood identification
3:47 Mix dewaxed shellac?
5:40 Jointer use for flat glue ups
11:53 Finishing products in Columbia
12:30 Rabbeting a dowel
17:34 Finish on a mesquite coffee table
19:14 Core quality on plywood
21:43 George’s tattoo
24:06 DeWalt and Wen planer
26:40 Router lift education
31:45 Jointer or planer for parallel faces?
33:11 Spraying primer and top coats
33:43 Sears router table review?
34:15 Good beginner projects
35:46 Finish for a log candle holder
36:45 Upgrade to helical cutter heads?
38:04 Door thickness? Material for paint grade doors
39:22 Preventing chipping when cutting veneered material
47:20 Uses for butternut
48:13 SketchUp
49:13 Parallelogram vs dovetail way jointers
52:40 Storage on cabinet doors
55:30 Plans for shop storage units
57:57 Tablesaw choice
58:30 Snipe on planers
1:01 Scheduling of live events

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57 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! May 2018”

  1. jim Smith

    dewiskering after sanding. what grit should you used

  2. Pete

    So love these live shows. You do a magnificent job for someone like me. I'm a strictly amateur woodworker.

  3. Sam Robbins

    I also downloaded Sketchup 2017 in the past couple of weeks. They were pushing the web version but still offered the Sketchup "Make" 2017 free.

  4. Gary

    George, If you are using CA glue what can you use to ensure clamps or cauls won't stick to it?


    What are the top five Woods a new person to woodworking should use

  6. Craig Terhark

    Do you use and what type of of wax or lubricant do you use on your machinery tops?

  7. Marvin

    For highly figured wood, is a drum sander an alternative to a planer to avoid the grain tearing out

  8. Richard

    Hi George, looking at plans for outdoor patio furniture—what is your personal choice for species to use? Was looking at African Mahogany but stock could get expensive.

  9. Thomas

    Thanks, from Tacoma, Wa. Great tips.

  10. Will

    Hi George, Got started woodworking in the mid 90s. I remember reading your articles back then and you're still going strong. You are the unsung hero of woodworking writers/teachers. After all these years, here's what I really want to know, how tall are you? Take care, Will in Maine