WWGOA LIVE! May 2016

This was a great live session, and we covered a lot of woodworking topics. We really appreciate the wonderful questions you ask, and we work hard to get to as many as possible. Thanks to Kayleen McCabe for spending time with us, and providing her insight. Hope to have her back!

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104 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! May 2016”

  1. CARY


  2. Bill

    I consider myself a pretty open minded person but your guess from CO, Kayleen, completely destroyed the Live show due to her pre-show partying.

  3. Sandy

    Lose Gayleen. She was very silly and distracting. George would have been able to answer many more questions without her clapping, ridiculous gestures and stupid comments and references. She added very, very little to the podcast. George was great! Thank you

  4. Ernest Weschcke

    I love your sessions, but this one seems to have segment freeze-ups!

  5. Chris

    Viewing from London in the UK. Constructing curves - plastic curtain track is good.

  6. Ron

    I live in Victoria Kansas

  7. Richard Sindeldecker

    looking forward to show

  8. Daniella

    I simply put four louvre doors together to make a elongated box shape: Then cut one up to make end panels. I had one more panel which I used to make back support, secured all these together sanded it all down repainted most of it. It does look like louvre doors any more it looks what it was always mention to be a bench well almost not quite yet but you know some times you just need a little help now and then from friends.

  9. Richard

    My question is about sanding in prep for stain. I am refinishing a 100 year-old oak dresser. After stripping off the old finish. What is the grit sequence before staining?

  10. Gary Warchock

    George: Please don't have this lady on again. She is silly and really never answered most question and deferred to you. Please...don't have her cohost with you again. forgive my negativeness but this has been a waste of time watching todau's webcast.