WWGOA LIVE! June 2016

Thanks for the great questions for our June LIVE event. We answered a lot of questions, and ran a bunch of tools in this session, include a biscuit joiner, lathe, Domino, and even did some resawing on the table saw. Enjoy!

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84 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! June 2016”

  1. Richard

    Do you know of away to strip the finish from a 100 year old table? I have tried Formby's, Unistrip. & Goof off with no appreciable results. As far as sanding goes, it has taken me 7 hours using 50 grit sandpaper just to do the top of a 14" X 23" side table. The legs have a large amount of scroll work and I have no idea how to get into the fine areas. Any suggestions? R. Fulsom

  2. Fred Garcia

    Loved all your info

  3. paul

    what are the best tools & techniques for chip carving?

  4. June Bingham

    thanks again for your tips and knowledge from June Qld Australia

  5. Hrishikesh Mahajan

    Want to see videos & tools

  6. Lolita

    Hello George! I love your workshop videos, I have begun some Cigar Box Projects (The Kalimba (thumba Piano), Guitar, Guitar Amps) etc.. Have your daughter done any other guitar projects?

  7. Jerry Arbuckle

    watching you from Sebastian Fl

  8. Darrell Kassinger


  9. Raynald Tremblay

    the price for your machine end guide to sharping tool chissel

  10. Bill Letterman

    Love this from AZ