WWGOA LIVE! July 2018

A stormy night, which made for a great evening to be in the shop answering your questions. Thanks for watching!

00:40 Alternate growth rings on a glue up?
2:44 Material for dressers?
3:20 Face jointing
7:30 Odor from finish
9:00 Is elm a good wood?
9:35 George’s favorite hearing protection
11:00 Squaring up a frame
11:30 Spaceballs
12:50 Drywalls screws vs wood screws
15:15 Steel wool for abrading between finish coats?
17:15 Uses for OSB
18:24 Start with a table saw or miter saw
19:00 George’s new workbench
22:00 Inexpensive dust collection
23:50 Hand pressure when jointing
25:10 How deep for mortises and dowel holes?
25:50 Gluing over an area that already has glue on it
26:30 Staining blue
30:08 Maintaining a rustic look
30:48 Precision for puzzles
32:00 Dust pipe size
33:12 Grit for sanding between coats
33:44 A closer look at George’s bench
36:40 Pallet wood
37:14 Bowl finishes
39:26 More uses for OSB
40:00 George’s teaching history
40:40 Apple wood
41:30 Bowl blanks with no bandsaw
42:50 Ply laminate splits
43:20 Knocking down gloss
43:40 Best drawer construction method
44:30 George’s transition plane
45:45 Uniform stain color
47:00 Jointer procedure
42:12 Canoe
48:50 Cleaning up aniline dye
51:20 Sawdust to fire blocks
53:00 George’s canoe project
56:30 Electric chainsaw
59:30 Adding legs to large slabs
01:00:00 Japanese pull saws

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97 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! July 2018”

  1. Tim Marsden

    I need to build a podium with a adjustable height do you have any ideas on a mechanism for adjusting

  2. PAUL

    George I totally enjoy your tips/how to's. The technique that I would like to try to do is cutting dados with a single blade on a portable table saw. How do I go about do this because I have a small shop with limited space for most of my tools. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Rolando Vasquez

    How do I get zero bubbles laying down deft laquer . I don't have a spayer

  4. Lawrence

    hi from somerset wi. my question is did you apply a finish to your new workbench

  5. Timothy J Fixmer

    I made an oak tabletop several years ago. It has breadboard ends. due to changes in humidity they protrude past the sides of the table in the summer. Can I trim them and re-rout the profiled edges and epect them to remain flush, or will they continue to expand and contract forever?

  6. MARTY

    Thanks for answering my jointer question! I’m in Searcy, Arkansas!

  7. Matthew Groters

    Hi George, I'm watching from Chicago. Love your stuff! My workbench is made of two laminated 46-or-soX24 inch quarters of laminated 3/4 plywood. I laminated them with glue and screws and sanded the edges. I'd like to cut some dog holes and t tracks into this bench, is there a recommended practice for going about this. The top is screwed to the frame by the way. Thanks!

  8. Jim

    Gibbs built boats in his basement all the time to relax on NCIS

  9. Gary

    Watching from South Bend, IN. Where in Indiana will you be next week?

  10. Keith

    In New Hampshire....if my woodworking skills were a golf game, I'd be radically handicapped but, I'm learning. Expect delivery of my future woodworking shop, (a 12'X24' lofted barn), any day now...personally, I'm looking forward to learning how to use primarily hand tools.