WWGOA LIVE! July 2016

Thanks for watching, and providing all your great questions. The live streams are a lot of fun. From table saw to planer to hand cut mortises, we covered a lot of ground.

:40 George’s bad joke
1:25 Kauri Wood
5:12 Cutting mortises. Hand cut techniques
10:12 Allowing for wood movement in solid panels
13:36 Sanding sealer vs. dewaxed shellac
14:50 Tung oil-Sand between coats?
16:00 Avoiding table saw kick back
20:00 Track saw or stationary tools
22:35 What size SawStop?
24:06 Imported plywood and frameless cabinets
26:50 3D carving on CNC machines
28:57 Boring for Euro hinges
31:56 Warped cherry. Case hardening? Now what?
35:07 Disassembling a cherry organ
37:14 WWGOA content on CNC machines
37:49 Curved irons on hand planes. What’s the deal?
38:45 How do I know when my blades are dull?
41:40 End grain bowls? Dry wood or green wood for bowls?
43:04 Bandsaw drift
44:21 Minimum thickness for edge gluing
44:57 Painting over top coats
46:42 Planing thin pieces
51:56 Planing cupped boards, or not
54:45 How to clean saw blades
57:55 Date of next WWGOA Live
58:12 Shop-made CNC routers
59:12 End grain tearing on bowls
1:02:00 Where are our viewers from?
1:04:36 Sheba the Benchdog and her tricks

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107 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! July 2016”

  1. Brian Holman

    My hoby needs are kicking in and I need to know how to purchase and use a router properly.

  2. Chris

    Not really anything to do with this live event but I would like to submit this tip to members and I can't find anywhere on the site to leave such tips? I found the members tips page but no way of submitting them. So here is my tip, very recently I was building a garden shed with stud walls. The studding and any long lengths of wood that need to be the exact size. I don't have a workshop, just a combination saw and a "pop up" folding table and a support stand alone adjustable stand for holding long pieces of wood. . So I fixed the wood in the combination saw at the exact length of what's needed for multiple length of wood cuts. The end of the length of wood supported. I cut the length of wood at the required length and keep it in situ. Prior to cutting I nailed a vertical piece of plywood to end of this piece of wood, about 6 inches vertically. I then placed the second piece of wood on top of the first with its end up against the plywood. I make the cut. Then I repeat the process until the required number of timbers are cut. All cut lengths are therefore all the same length.

  3. John Edmond

    Thank you; I REALLY appreciate your "index" of the show. Certainly makes it quicker to go back for a refresher course. Keep up the great work. John

  4. Ernie Weschcke

    From Lake Nebagamon, WI Enjoy your shows

  5. Roger Leclercq

    Have you tried simple Green to clean blades it cuts through pitch but on craftsman blades it removes the labeling

  6. Charles Vavra

    I'm in San Tan Valley Arizona 85143 I enjoy your show and information, Thanks

  7. jim reznik

    Watching from Peoria, AZ

  8. prairedog

    Watching you from De Soto, Kansas

  9. pfg

    Great Program I come from ESSEX U. K.

  10. Peter

    Hi, Great Program I c0ome from ESSEX, U. K.