WWGOA LIVE! February 2018

Thanks to all who joined us for this live stream with George Vondriska. If you missed it, no problem, you can watch it here.

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53 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! February 2018”

  1. Heinz

    Do you plan on doing a compare / contrast review with your Origin and CNC machines ??

  2. Don Korte

    When Jenny reads we can't understand what she is saying at all.

  3. Joe

    We can't hear either of you if you are not standing right in front of the computer. We don't know what question you are answering.

  4. Stan Howe

    can't hear jenny

  5. Glenn

    I need to run dust collection ducts in my shop. Is 4" PVC acceptable or should I use metal ducts?\

  6. Pat

    what cnc machine do you use?

  7. Stan

    I have a Jet 16/32 drum sander, simular to the super max you demonstrated. I have had some issues with getting a dark brown substance on the paper (pitch?) and then it burns long streaks in the boards. Any suggestions or cure? has even happened with relatively new paper and a drum cleaned with solvent. I also had a terrible time trying to sand a bunch of narrow cherry face frame pieces, they were during real bad all across the boards, finally gave up and went to the RO. is cherry prone to burning?

  8. Robert

    Clicking on Live, it sends me to YouTube

  9. Karl

    Clicking on Live, it sends me to YouTube

  10. Jim M.

    I'm looking to use 1/4 inch white oak plywood for shaker style doors, on a bathroom vanity. Which would be better MDF or veneer core? Thanks