WWGOA LIVE! December 2017

We had a few tech problems, but once we got rolling things went great. A big thank you to Dave Munkittrick and the expertise he brought to our LIVE stream.

1:50 Dave’s intro
2:58 Joinery for a shadow box
4:28 Learning curve on a CNC machine
6:10 Miters on the bandsaw
8:40 Tips for getting started on the CNC
10:10 Plane set on its sole or on its side
11:15 Cutting large plywood panels
13:00 George’s hearing protection ISOTunes Pro https://amzn.to/2othY2q
15:20 Trimming face frame scribe
16:40 George’s bowl turning classes? www.vondriskawoodworks.com
17:15 Attaching a top to a workbench
19:15 Avoiding blotchiness when staining
21:32 Evenly spaced finger joints
23:14 Hearing protection for those with hearing aids
24:05 Attaching a workbench top to stretchers
25:20 Finish for shop cabinets
26:01 Belt driven CNC?
26:28 Inlay is cupping
27:23 Finishing 3D scenes cut on the CNC
30:48 Snipe on benchtop planers
35:47 Using a powered hand planer
38:47 Thick bar top finish
41:50 Heat resistant finish for trivets
42:35 Source for plastic laminate
43:40 Replace cutter head or replace jointer?
45:45 10” blade on 12” tablesaw?
47:05 Helical head on a jointer

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55 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! December 2017”

  1. katie

    What type of finish do you suggest for an outdoor beanbag/corn hole game - plywood top?

  2. Sheldon

    I have a 38" duel drum sander but can't seem to keep the paper on. Suggestions? Nashville, MI

  3. Dale Getz

    I recently moved to Denver where it is very dry. My Jointer seems to gouge more than in Minnesota even with sharp blades.

  4. Chris

    Watching in Northwest Indiana

  5. engine

    Snipe: I have my in and out feed tables set at the thickness of a dime above the planer bed. I am using a Dewalt DW 735 .Snipe is almost non-existent. Stillwater, MN

  6. BRUCE

    Watching from Fort Worth, TX. Dave, I have a golfing buddy named Malcom Munkittrick, any relation?

  7. GLEN

    Interested in discussion on chucks, especially for turning square stock.

  8. Larry Mays

    Graham washington

  9. Stan Howe

    from VT, with single digits outside tonight!

  10. Donald

    Crofton, BC. Vancouver Island