WWGOA LIVE! December 2016

Winter has taken hold in the north, making it a great time to be in the shop. But when isn’t it great to be in the shop? Enjoy our December LIVE, and have a great holiday season.

0:20 Welcome to WWGOA LIVE
0:35 The guitar George is making
3:15 Air drying vs kiln drying. Advantages/disadvantages
6:15 Top coating over Mylands Friction Polish
8:10 Perfect 45 degree cuts on the table saw
16:13 Forcing boards straight in a glue up
17:10 Router lift in a router table
21:18 Drywall screws vs wood screws
27:23 Christmas joke
28:40 Flattening boards on a planer
31:41 Using up wood scraps
33:50 Polyurethane and construction adhesive as outdoor glues
36:55 Router bit coming loose?
39:10 Jointing; getting a wedge shape
44:32 Dadoes on a shared wall
47:45 Stave construction
49:36 Tear out on routing
51:22 Lathe buying advice
53:45 Spar varnish, lacquer over shellac?
55:28 Two-part epoxy finish
56:45 Tear out on finger joints
57:40 Making secret compartments
58:56 Dust collection pipe sizes
1:00:02 George’s holiday greeting

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104 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! December 2016”

  1. Paul

    I am looking to buy a planer and/or a jointer. Which one should I get first?

  2. Vernon Stedronsky

    Watching the show on computer, I cannot hear the questions. Would it be possible to print the questions on screen as the lady is reading them? I enjoy the presentations.

  3. Allen

    looking forward to reading your advice

  4. Phil

    When answering Dennis at 36:55 when you talked about router bits moving in the collet. I have had brand new bits slip because I failed to clean off the coating of grease or whatever they used to prevent corrosion on the bit. Denatured alcohol works well for this.

  5. Daniel ross

    Love the site I am a pro painter and owned a wood cabinet shop many years

  6. gamblat

    Watching from Covina, CA

  7. Chris

    George, viewing from just south of London in the UK, on Friday. Thanks for answering my question on screws, in the show, good reply. A couple of comments about your points and observations concerning waste wood, from the show. My rule is anything less than 12 inches, its thrown out. Wood between say 12 inches and 24 inches, i make into stirrers for paint, varnish and for spreading glue. Man made wood, like MDF/Plywood should NOT be burn't in a domestic fire as they give off harmful fumes when burn't. I realise from the show you indicated you could burn some quantities of waste wood in the winter for heating.

  8. Jim Rockwell

    I'm making a coffee table out of hard maple, what do you recommend for a stain, I've heard it can be a difficult wood to stain, I was thinking of just a sealer and Danish oil natural.

  9. Clarence

    I am very interested in fabricating wood framed tools that can also be used to shape and work automotive sheet steel.

  10. rodger bowers

    I need to find plans for mail boxes and old time ice boxes.