Thanks to all the folks who joined us for the CNC LIVE stream. If you missed it, no problem, you can watch it here. We talked about CNC machines in general and the jargon associated with them, different approaches for making signs, working with material besides wood on the CNC, and router bit selection. Lots of great info.

Thanks to our friends at Iconic CNC and Amana Tool for providing you with this free event.

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30 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! All About CNC”

  1. Vali

    I interested for wood CNC

  2. Remy Henri Eloundou




  4. Jay Rodgers

    Looking forward to seeing doing different projects and using equipment.

  5. Jay

    The CNC method is really interesting, but here's a "political" comment/question: Is it really woodworking? Someone famous once commented, "You didn't build that." The CNC machine made it. You just programmed it. How much different is that from going to a CNC shop and having the sign made for you except that you happen to own your own machine? Make that sign by hand and I'll say, "Wow." Have the machine make it and, well, that's nice.

  6. Emile Hourcade

    great job love the introduction to cnc

  7. B.Ravisankar

    I read and watch your web it is so informative

  8. Samuel

    Very good

  9. Mark

    We purchased an Axiom for our school, where can I find some good tutorials/lesson plans for CNC work?

  10. Richard

    George can I laminate different species of boards in order to contrast my lettering by cutting through the top´╗┐ species to the species on the bottom?