WWGOA LIVE! August 2018

Thanks for joining tonight’s LIVE event. Here’s what we covered.

1:22 Saw blade sharpening tools
3:24 Working with kauri
7:18 Table saw safety
13:53 Router table or table saw for jointing
14:17 Building entry and passage doors
17:11 Small miter gauge bar
19:55 Router table choice
22:20 Material for cutting boards
23:30 Starting a woodworking business
26:50 Cutting boards not flat
30:46 Shop made adjustable legs
33:25 Table saw runout
34:00 Hearing protection
35:08 Drawer joints
36:25 Woodworking training
38:34 Sommerfeld router bits
39:00 Drum sander for figured woods?
40:20 Dust collector advice
41:00 SawStop?
43:05 George’s camera set up
43:30 Jointing and planing; correct grain direction
47:40 Clamp pressure
48:53 Ironing veneer for a chessboard
50:10 Titebond III for all applications?
51:54 Japanese pull saw for trimming plugs flush
53:50 Drum sander for figured wood?
54:18 Bandsaw features
54:44 New table saw fence
56:50 Tool cabinet in a damp environment
57:50 ATB or TCG blade?
1:00:01 Cutting logs on the bandsaw

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63 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! August 2018”

  1. Dwaine Martin

    Good show

  2. robert crane

    very interesting

  3. Kenneth Anderson

    Thank you

  4. Ben

    I just finished building my new kitchen cabinets, prefinished maple for boxes, cherry for doors/frawerfronts and face frames, I usually spray dye/stain/sealer and precat lacquer, is there a big advantage to using conversion varnish?

  5. Robert

    Have you ever worked with plastic lumber?

  6. WAYNE

    Have you ever considered gathering your whole crew in front of the camera at the end of your broadcast? You sometimes call them by name, and it would be nice to have faces to go with their names.

  7. Larry

    Titebond 3 is also much harder to clean up once it hardens


    I am a big fan of woodpecker tools and their accuracy and use them all the time. These tools are very accurate, so my question is what do you shoot for in accuracy in your wood working. Example .002 inche ect.


    Can you comment on attaching a face frame by pocket hole screws tongue and groove or glue

  10. Robert Sandstrom

    Getting ready to glue-up some cedar for a barn door baby style gate. Last couple glue-ups using Titebond 2 started drying up before I got everything in place. I live in CA and it has been very hot. What type of glue would you recommend?