WWGOA LIVE! August 2016

It was great to have Jim Heavey on board for our LIVE event, but he ran into some tech issues on his end. We’ll get him back in the future. Thanks to all who tuned in. See you next month.

1:23 Jim Heavey introduction
2:16 What horsepower for large router bits?
3:52 Router bit stuck
5:13 Joining end grain to long grain
7:50 Basement shop advice
11:00 Impact drivers
12:40 Lathe chisels for turning cork
14:43 Water stones vs slow speed grinders vs wet wheels
16:50 Sanding a disc on the lathe
19:29 Kayleen McCabe videos for kids
20:25 Warped doors
23:15 Saw upgrade. SawStop?
25:00 Brands of CNC machines
28:25 Jointer knife alignment
31:58 Blades for compound slide miter saws
35:11 Getting good miters
38:59 Benchtop jointers?
40:52 DeWalt 734 or 735?
42:40 Bosch REAXX saw
44:30 WorkSharp 3000
45:45 Why sanding sealer?
49:16 Straighten a lathe tool rest
52:38 Carbide vs steel lathe chisels
54:40 Sharpening kitchen knives on a slow speed grinder
57:25 Planer snipe

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97 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! August 2016”

  1. Edward

    I make small toys and such. I use modpog for the color items. My question is the finish to use over water based stains, dye's etc. Is it lacquer or varnish, or other.

  2. Edward

    I hear about the problems people are having with planers? I have a Ry bio, that I have had for about 7 years and I don't have the problems with snipe or other problems. Is there something wrong with the planer or am I doing things wrong, I don't have a problem with it so I will never be able to fix it.

  3. Edward

    I'm making tools now and needed a good band saw to cut and re-saw. I had one I bought that was awful and sent to it back to the store, I won't say the name. I then looked at the Wen and bought one, the first one was damaged in shipment and sent it back. I received another one that is great, except the re-saw. I have a problem with blade drift when I use the fence! I can free hand just fine but when I use the fence it has a bad blade drift. I don't seem to get any information of how to set adjust the saw to prevent this. I love the saw and it's a great buy for the quality and 6" re-saw. thank you Ed

  4. Larry

    LaCrosse, WI Thanks for the feed. George is always great!

  5. 1withthegrain


  6. gerry

    Thanks for an interesting presentation I know the . Sorry Jim got lost, but that's the way it goes sometimes. I know the echo is from hard shop walls but can something be done to tame it down a bit? GerryB, Oregon coast

  7. Ernie

    From Pennsylvania... No questions at the moment, but more of a comment or two. For one, the audio was between 0.25 to 0.5 seconds behind the video.. More of a suggestion, George could really use a wireless mic... The echo when in the 'main shop' section, it rather annoying. The audio signal when in the smaller 'wing' shop, is much better. With such an operation, I think investing in a wireless microphone is a well worthwhile thing to look into... Love the live feeds and will look forward to more of them in the future. Thanks for all you do.

  8. Clay Bearden

    My first time watching. This was great! Lots of useful info. I'll definitely watch again. I was in one of your WWW classes back in May. I'm from Tennessee.

  9. jasonw5846

    Thank you George!!

  10. Tim Rients

    Can a film forming finish (poly) be applied over an oil finish( BLO)?