WWGOA LIVE! April 2016

We had a guest for this session: Joni Van Dusartz. Joni has been woodworking for over 20 years, including running a commercial cabinet shop. From CNC to finishing, Joni has a lot of woodworking experience. She brought along some of her intarsia for “show and tell,” which lead to some great questions.

:24 Intro of Joni and her intarsia
3:16 George’s jigs
4:08 Bandsaw resawing/carbide blades? More on resawing
5:26 Benchtop planers/importance of variable speed
6:40 Z zeroing problems on a benchtop CNC
8:12 Pitch on table saw blades
9:18 Step by step for kitchen cabinets General info on cabinetmaking Kitchen Cabinets DVDs
10:56 Joni’s tips on staining wood
12:26 Coiling a bandsaw blade Video on coiling Bruce Kieffer’s coiling technique
16:06 Bat house How to Build a Bat House
15:50 Removing paint from wood
17:05 Prevent chipping when drilling with a forstner
18:26 Joni’s go-to blade for scroll saw work More help on choosing the right scroll saw blade
20:00 Staining wood through and through
21:20 Setting up a mortiser More mortiser info Setting the auger General set up Correct cutting technique
27:17 Intarsia patterns
27:58 Intarsia for beginners
29:13 Drawing your own intarsia patterns
29:51 Scroll saw or bandsaw for intarsia?
31:26 Sequence of intarsia cuts
31:56 Lathe chisel selection Choosing a Starter Set of Lathe Chisels Carbide lathe chisel in action
35:40 Sharpening Check out the variety of sharpening techniques on WWGOA.com
37:20 Fastening intarsia patterns to the material Joni’s video on fastening patterns
38:39 Horizontal vs vertical panel raisers Choosing a panel raiser
40:30 Cutting a straight line on a scroll saw
42:18 Preventing expansion and contraction in solid wood
43:25 Starting out with SketchUp Check out the WWGOA SketchUp Class
45:12 Woodburning or staining intarsia pieces
46:35 SawStop brakes Watch our video on how to change a SawStop brake
48:13 Dust free finishing Here’s a tip on keeping your finish dust free
50:06 How long did Joni’s wolf take to make?
50:38 Protecting tools from rust
52:30 Tensioning scroll saw blades
54:52 CNC parts Here are some samples of what a CNC machine can do
56:40 Taper jig on the table saw Tapered cuts using a pattern Shop-made taper jig Using a commercial taper jig

how to buy a router

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64 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! April 2016”

  1. bill

    Great video and sound quality.

  2. Gary Behun

    Is there a video on setting a fence for drift on the bandsaw.

  3. Mooris Mntoninzi

    I need Dado sets but I was told that my table saw hole size needs to be 16mm no other size. is this true? Is there no Dado sets fo all table saw machines?

  4. Mooris Mntoninzi

    Is Dado Set need any size of a blade hole to fit or Dado Set fit any table saw size?

  5. Chris

    Audio and sound much better and I'm watching after the event because of the time difference from just south of London in the UK.

  6. thunderbill

    BTW, You're my "go to" source for all things woodworking. I joined last year and upgraded this year. Love your videos but don't know what's causing the long, unexplained freeze-ups. With a 12 mbps line that shouldn't happen. Anyway I wanted to pass along some kudos to you and your staff for a job well done. In all my 77 years experience I've never been as satisfied with what is basically an instruction session.

  7. thunderbill

    You mentioned that you weren't aware of any other manufactures that made a "safety" table saw but there is at least one. Bosch came out recently with a "safe" version of their very popular 4100 called the Reaxx. In a search engine AD they state: "The Bosch Reaxx Jobsite Table Saw Will Save Your Fingers Without Destroying Your Blade." You might want to check it out.

  8. Gary Voegeli

    Good job. Keep up with the videos. Thanks.

  9. David Landaiche

    Organization 24x24 mancave

  10. David Landaiche

    Organization 24x24 mancave