WWGOA GOLD LIVE: Through Dovetails on the Bandsaw

In this WWGOA GOLD LIVE event, George Vondriska demonstrates how to turn your bandsaw into a dovetail machine. With a little practice and a simple shop-made jig, you’ll be cutting through dovetails on your bandsaw in no time. One of the benefits of mastering this technique is that you can vary the spacing, giving you the chance to let your dovetail creativity come through.


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43 Responses to “WWGOA GOLD LIVE: Through Dovetails on the Bandsaw”

  1. john johnson

    Will not be able to attend live event

  2. Richard` Knox

    My first visit

  3. Bud Boyer

    New subscriber

  4. ricard markasky

    logged in but did not get to it

  5. William Mcgeehan

    It seemed like there were bandsaw ridges what happened tothem?

  6. Mark

    Are dovetails in hardwood harder or easier than pine?

  7. dslezak

    How long how much practice before they were good dove tails

  8. Stephen

    Why cant you put the board on the other direction to cut the straight line?

  9. William

    I've heard cohesion (glue both sides to be joined) is superior to adhesion (gluing only one side of the board). Your thoughts?

  10. Eric

    how do you deal with a board that is too long to fit in the throat of the band saw?