This WWGOA GOLD LIVE event is all about the fine art of turning a bowl using a four jaw chuck. George Vondriska explains the best way to set up your tool and demonstrates how to move your wood to create a perfectly round bowl.


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85 Responses to “WWGOA GOLD LIVE: Bowl Turning”

  1. WS60

    What are the best gouges to cut out the inside of the bowl. I am a new wood worker and my projects come out very nice, but it takes me 4 times as long as I ve seen it done on video or you tube. Also no matter how careful I am my tools never glide smoothly like the ones I ve seen on you tube. Any suggestions?

  2. WS60

    To use a big enough chuck to fit in the inside of the bowl your turning, so do they make chuck that expand to say 6”?

  3. Chris

    Would you dry a bowel in a micoware

  4. Russell

    Late getting in but watching from Emily, MN. Always enjoy watching and learning more ways to work with my lathe and saws and other tools. Thank you.

  5. Chuck Walerius

    Looking forward to it.

  6. Eric

    On your Green turnings, are you leaving them thicker to dry and prevent warping? and how long are you leaving them to dry?

  7. James

    want to see the presentation

  8. Dan

    Hello, woodshop teacher in Okinawa Japan here, thank you for this class! I am wondering why George prefers to turn green wood over kiln dryed?

  9. raedwa01

    Why bother with the bottom recess when you have the bowl edge chuck and could have put the flat bottom against it?

  10. Dave Churchill