Wooden Reindeer Contest

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172 Responses to “Wooden Reindeer Contest”

  1. FRANK

    Are you doing this contest again this year? I have the winner!!! LOL

  2. Lionel

    Reindeer project

  3. Marissa Justice

    Marissa is 8 years old and had help with the band saw.

  4. Dee

    Reindeer ring around the light

  5. Larry Fisher


  6. David Shepherd


  7. Robert

    great for Christmas Gifts I made around forty. Also great way to use extra 2X4's

  8. Walton Curtis Flowers

    New to wood working and turning just now putting shop together and getting the equipment together

  9. John Walters

    Love this

  10. Steve grady

    inHi folks; this is gonna have to b. Quickly as I'm downloading all the info wish me luck ! Have a goo nite. Thank you much Steve grady