Transfer Holes from Template to Project

The other day I needed to mount an electrical power strip to the back of a cabinet. On the back of my power strip were four screw mounting holes. I could have spent a lot of time drawing a complex layout on the rear of the cabinet, but instead here’s what I did:

Transfer Holes From Template To ProjectI cut an over-sized piece of wax paper and using a black marker, I drew a straight line across the width. Then I stretched the wax paper over the back of the power strip aligning the black line with two screw holes and using an awl, I punched the four holes in the wax paper. I removed the wax paper, trimmed it smaller leaving just the holes and a bit more, aligned and taped it to the back of my cabinet. I drilled the holes, removed the template, inserted the screws and mounted the power strip.Done!

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5 Responses to “Transfer Holes from Template to Project”

  1. Lori

    Or you could just slap a piece of paper on, do a rubbing with pencil, punch out the holes, place the paper where you want it, and mark through the punch holes. Who draws a diagram?

  2. Dave Henry

    Ethan's for the tip on transferring these mounting holes. I'm sure to use this technique fir other p.rojects

  3. Eric

    Similar to the tip where you photocopy the back of the powerstrip, good to know if there is no photocopier available.

  4. EZgoing

    Actually, that is a pretty interesting idea... I rather doubt that such a small strip 'needed' 4 mounting screws, but good idea none the less. One to keep in the back of my feeble mind... :-)

  5. Gene

    WHAT? You did all of this for a power strip on the back of a cabinet?