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Sometimes less really is more. This Japanese Square is perfect in so many ways. Made out of stainless steel, it is hefty enough to withstand daily use, but light enough to toss in an apron pocket. As opposed to other squares that have sliding straightedges, this square has a long, fixed foot that makes it perfect for setting up machines at 45 or 90 degrees. The angles are dead on, which is a lot to say for a tool as inexpensive as this. I even use it for marking center on turning stock. This square, straight from Japan, has clearly marked measurements, albeit in metric. While some may scoff at this “shortcoming” I don’t mind it a bit; 90 degrees is 90 degrees, no matter where you are in the world! Besides, I have a tape measure. I even turn to it when I am referencing an Asian or European drawing. The fit and finish is superb and at less than $20.00, this is a square that is tough to beat.

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Squaring a Table Saw Blade with a Rockler Japanese SquareI use this square for setting up my jointer, bandsaw and tablesaw. Because there is no sliding rule, it can’t get out of square, even temporarily.

Squaring a Table Saw Blade with a Rockler Japanese SquareI find it perfect for marking 45 degrees when I’m making picture frames, doing simple moulding, as well as marking for center when I’m using the lathe.

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One Response to “Tools We Love: Japanese Square”

  1. Andrew Harner

    Thanks for the info. I use Metric for most of my work. Makes things much easier & find the accuracy dead on.