Tools We Love: Dremel Multi-Max

DremelDremelI saw this tool demonstrated at a home center last year and bought it on the spot. I have to say the honeymoon is still going between me and this tool because I keep finding new tasks for it. I originally bought it to cut baseboard in place so I could butt built-in bookcases against the trim without removing it. It worked great. Then I used it to cut the electrical outlets in the back of the cabinets like the photo shows.Next I found myself cutting through lathe and plaster to install a new light switch in the kitchen. Recently, during a window installation, I used the scraper attachment to cut through the caulk between the siding and window trim (unbelievably easy). There are many other attachments like the sanding pad, grout remover, and metal cutting blade that perform equally as well.

The secret to the tool’s success is that besides oscillating at nearly 21,000 times a minute, the attachments can be adjusted at a variety of angles to get the tool in just the right spot. It’s better than a jig saw or reciprocating saw at some cuts because it does so neatly and cleanly without the jiggling and awkward repositioning. Just hold onto the tool and let it do the work (more pressure doesn’t give you a faster cut). Because of the high-pitched noise, hearing protection is a must.

This tool comes in a case with a few attachments and sanding pads. It retails from about $90 to $110 at home centers and online tool retailers. It’s worth having a look at and where you can sometimes find reconditioned models for under $60.

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