The Ultimate Cutting Board Hub

Ready to make your own cutting board? Our Ultimate Cutting Board Guide is the perfect way to get started! This page offers everything you need to know, from basic construction plans to more advanced customization options. You can find helpful videos and step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the entire process. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our guide has something for everyone. With our instruction, creating the perfect cutting board of your dreams is easier than ever!
Ultimate Cutting Board Guide - WWGOA
Cutting Boards Plans Bundle - WWGOA

Cutting Board Gallery

If you like these boards and want to learn how to build them, download our plan bundle.
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14 Responses to “The Ultimate Cutting Board Hub”

  1. David E Hoffman

    I'm interested in building a cutting board for my wife. Thank You

  2. tom jirak

    I tried to make Elisha's cutting board, wenge with the colored sticks. I bought the same colored sticks used by Elisha, same part number at Michael's. First, it's tricky to glue a stack of sticks, they slide around a lot, so even with my best efforts, I ended up with a slightly-skewed stack. That's where the real problem was revealed...when I sanded the edge to get a reference edge for the upcoming miter, a light sanding rubbed the color off. The dye doesn't extend past the surface of the sticks, so I ended up with blotchy white spots along the edge instead of the vibrant colors Elisha's board has. Good thing I discovered this problem before gluing the sticks into the cutting board, as final sanding or planing would surely have exposed bare wood and destroyed the board. If there's a way to overcome this problem, I haven't found it. So, beware of this limitation. I'll be watching the comments to see if someone has figured out a solution.

  3. Ken Olson

    Consider using a French cleat system to hang the cutting board on a wall or side of a cabinet for convenient out of the way storage.

  4. Michael Moore

    Thanks for all the projects and instruction

  5. Spiros Melemis

    I enjoy your instractions for many years,Thanks

  6. Robert Perrine

    The downloads are a huge boost for my next project. I really enjoy the work everyone in this community does to share, instruct, & advance peoples skills.

  7. Ted Hawkins

    I do wood workimg a hobby

  8. Kenneth Banner

    Thank You

  9. Terry Penn

    Love all advice given.

  10. Charles

    George - thanks for a great presentation on cutting boards. I am a newer Gold Member and find that your programs are very helpful. I couldn't download the pdfs until today - excellent review points for all the presenters. I wasn't thinking about making cutting boards until this class - now a new goal will be to make each of the boards in the class. Thank for your great programs.