Rockwell Jawhorse

jawhorse1 Who doesn’t need an extra pair of hands in the shop? The new Jawhorse, $177.76, might be just the answer for you.The Jawhorse, like the name implies, is a sawhorse with a set of jaws. The jaws open to 37″. Add a Plywood Jaw, $49.99, and you can open the jaw to 48″ and grab a sheet of plywood.

The jaw grips through a pumping action on the pedal. Each pump advances the jaw 1″, and it’ll clamp anywhere in its travel. When you’re done with it, the Jawhorse folds up to 30″ L x 14″ W x 14″ H.

The three legged design looks like it makes sense for uneven terrain outside of the shop where surfaces are rarely level. In addition to the Plywood Jaw, a variety of other accessories are available, such as a Log Jaw, Miter Saw Station, and Welding Jaw. Accessory prices range from $39.99 to $99.99.

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