Rockler Glue System

Silicone glue I’m always looking a for better way to control the application of glue. Rockler has hit a home run with their new system, $14.99. The brush works great for getting glue into most commonly glued spots, the paddle on the end of the brush works well for joints like finger joints, and the toothed spreader is excellent for spreading glue over wide surfaces.Here’s what I REALLY like – if I forget to clean this stuff and the glue dries on it, no sweat. The dried glue peels right off the silicone surfaces. It’s amazing! If you don’t forget and go after the wet glue with water, it’ll come right off. The brush is also available as a stand alone item for $4.99.

3-Piece Silicone Glue Application System


(800) 279-4441

Glue System #43662

Brush only #45624

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One Response to “Rockler Glue System”

  1. gcoyne

    I also "mostly" like this. There are two areas where it isn't quite as good as advertised. First, you need to wait long enough for the glue to dry all the way. Otherwise, when you peel off the old glue, you end up exposing glue that hasn't dried yet leaving a potential "oops" depending on where you place the brush down. On the other hand, if you wait too long, the glue can stick on the individual brush pieces and I've inadvertently pulled out some of them. Where I like this the most is using the flat end/tail of the brush. That cleans up VERY nicely. The wide flat scraper brush also is easy to work with and cleans up easily. The adds show the excess glue being pored back into the glue bottle, but gotta say, by the time the project's done being glued up, that glue isn't pouring back anywhere. Much better to squirt out what you think you need and if you need more, squirt yourself some more.