Rockler Cord and Hose Holder

Rockler cord and hose holder Rockler cord and hose holder

I love having dust collection connected to my portable power tools, but I hate tangling with the cords and hoses. Rockler’s new Cord and Hose Holder, $29.99, helps solve this problem.

The Cord and Hose Holder is adjustable in height and rises to a maximum height of 40” above the bench. It’ll clamp to benches up to 3-1/2”. The pigtail at the top end secures the cord and the dust collection connector accepts standard 2-1/4” hose. The connector can be adjusted to any position on the stem.

This looks like a great way to make sure you can spend more time working and less time wrangling cords and hoses.
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One Response to “Rockler Cord and Hose Holder”


    This is an excellent idea. I'm more inclined to mount it on an overhead track running down the middle of the shop so that it is "upstairs" and out of your way no matter what station you are working at. Since I am in the very earliest stages of building/designing my shop, I'll bend my mind toward that goal.