Rockler Bench Cookies

Using Rocklers Bench CookiesThere’s nothing more frustrating than chasing your work across the shop while you’re trying to work on it. The obvious solution is clamping the work to your bench, but then you end up with the clamp in your way. If only there was an effective way to stick your work to the bench with no interference from clamps.

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Using Rocklers Bench CookiesRockler’s Bench Cookies, $14.99 per four-pack, provide a nice solution to this problem. Each cookie has two high-friction pads, one on each face. One pad grabs the bench, and the other grabs your work. OK, this isn’t brand new technology. Router mats have been around for a long time. But what I like about the Bench Cookies is that they elevate your work up off the bench. On numerous occasions I’ve needed to rout an edge with a bit whose bearing projects below the surface of my work. Can’t use a router mat there, but a Bench Cookie works great. This is a great little problem-solving product, at a reasonable price.Photos By Manufacturer


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