Porter Cable Pin Nailer

Reviewing the Porter Cable Pin NailerHave you tried a headless pin nailer yet? They’re amazing. The 23-gauge pin they drive is so tiny you barely need to putty the hole it leaves. Porter Cable’s new PIN138 Nailer handles 23-gauge headless or slight head pins from 5/8″ to 1-3/8″ long. It’s cool that it takes both types of 23-gauge pins, giving you the option of a nearly invisible hole or slightly more holding power.

They’ve included another feature I like in air nailers; no dry fire. Out of nails, the gun won’t shoot. How often have you fired away with a nail, only to find nobody home inside all those holes you peppered into your project?

The PIN138 is also oil-free, so there’s one less maintenance item to worry about in your shop. Nice.

Porter Cable PIN138



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