No-Sharpen Carbide Lathe Chisels

Reviewing No-Sharpen Lathe Chisels from Easy Wood ToolsWhen I’m teaching students to use a lathe, sharpening is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Like any woodworking tool, a sharp chisel is much easier and safer to use than a dull one. You just can’t expect good cut quality, or an enjoyable turning experience, from a dull chisel. Unfortunately, lots of turners struggle with sharpening.

The new lathe chisels from Easy Wood Tools take sharpening lathe chisels out of the turning picture. Instead of a high speed or tool steel tip, the Easy Wood Tools lathe chisels have a replaceable carbide tip. When it gets dull, simply reposition it to get a fresh edge on the tip. Once the entire cutting surface has been dulled, the tip gets replaced. Replacement tips cost from $14 to $18.

The Easy Wood Tools can be used for bowl or spindle work, and are available with both square and round cutting tips. I’ll be ‘test driving’ these chisels soon, but I recently watched a group of brand new turners make pens using these chisels, and they worked great. No catches, great cuts, easy to use. You really can’t ask for more from a lathe chisel. Prices range from $90 to $172, depending on the chisel.

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2 Responses to “No-Sharpen Carbide Lathe Chisels”

  1. Gary Dulaney

    Im new to the wood lathe.I have made some carbide cutters.I bought a set of 4 pry bars from harbor freight and used a tap set and bout the carbide tips.My wife ordered me so 1/2inch round carbide chisels but they have no handles on them.I cut down a very small tree and i believe its ash.I know about checking / cracking but was wondering how long do i need to wait before i can make my new handles? Can i turn them using this freshly cut wood or do i need to wait like 6 months or a year?

  2. Larry

    Will your tools work as a bowl gouge or all of them used as scrapers?