WWGOA LIVE! February 2016

Thanks for tuning in to February’s WWGOA LIVE with George Vondriska where he answered your woodworking questions live from his shop. In case you missed it, you can watch the full video here. Make sure to tune in next month for another WWGOA LIVE. See you then!

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71 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! February 2016”

  1. sean

    shame about the sound.

  2. John Edmond

    Couldn't watch the 17 Feb show live and finally made time to catch up but find the audio is TERRIBLE. I've loaded the streaming four times with no improvement. I sincerely hope you have a suggestion for me; thanks.


    You need to work on your sound, It is hardly discernible.

  4. rgmallum

    George, I've watched your DVD on cutting large plywood panels with a circular saw and have purchased a new circular saw. Now I need your recommendation on blade selection. For cutting plywood, do I want 24, 40, or 60 tooth 7 1/4 inch blades? Which does the best job? Your comments will be appreciated.

  5. Mike

    Why don't you teach people to make gun stock;s

  6. Lamarr Wilson

    George, very disappointed in the sound quality this time. Removing the shotgun mike wasn't the answer. Topics were great and very easilu understood when actual demos were used. Not so much with the narrative-only topics (sadly). I'll keep watching--- you guys keep improving your broadcast craft--- and everyone will be happy. :)

  7. fbtool

    I sent a couple of questions by email for the Feb. Live Event and they weren't answered (none of mine ever are for some reason) Audio was awful....no offense intended, but I think you need a professional onsite for these live events. I wanted to know about the dust collection on your Jet 14" band saw. It has a 4" port added and I wanted to know about it and if it works well because I have the same saw and the dust is terrible.



  9. Karl Studley

    your whole broadcast is out of focus and difficult to watch and listen to

  10. Gus Lesner

    Great idea....but...all questions asked are not instantaneous. Tie collect and choose. Would rather see you do the q and a on a simple video and give access as you choose THE PRODUCTION QUALITY AND ESPECIALLY THE SOUND QUALLITY WAS A 1 OUT OF 10. You cheapened the quality of your product and presentations now in the libraries for members. Stick to proven success.