Leigh Improves the D4R Pro Jig

The New and Improved D4R Pro Jig from Leigh JigsThe Leigh D4R and D4R Pro dovetail jigs have received a lot of press as great dovetail jigs. Justifiably so. One complaint users have had is that, until now, half-blind dovetails were cut one board at a time, whereas other jigs allow the tail and socket boards to be cut simultaneously. The new D4R Pro, $849, has been reworked to cut half-blind dovetails and finger joints right out of the box. You don’t need to worry about purchasing additional accessories. This is a great addition to an already fine jig. Anyone who purchased a D4R Pro jig before these changes can get an upgrade kit, for free, directly from Leigh. Owners of the D4R jig can purchase an upgrade kit. In addition to adding the upgrade kit, they’ll need to drill holes in the template fingers for a small stop rod, which Leigh provides instructions for.

Leigh D4R Pro Leigh Jigs


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