Leigh Hold-Down Clamps

Reviewing the Leigh Hold-Down Clamps

Bench Clamp

I think it’s brilliant! If a clamp works well securing material on a dovetail jig, why not use it at the bench? Leigh converted the material clamps from their dovetail and FMT jigs into bench hold-down clamps. Leigh’s Hold-Down Clamps, $69.00, can be mounted to any surface because they’re available in two styles. The Bench Hold-Down Clamp, shown on the left, works through bench dog holes or a hole you drill and fastens to benches up to 4-1/4″ thick using a threaded rod and speed nut.

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Reviewing the Leigh Hold-Down Clamps

Surface Clamp

The Surface Hold-Down Clamp mounts into Leigh’s Surface Clamp Anchor. The Anchor is easy to install; just bore a 1-1/2″ hole and secure the anchor with the included screws. One additional Anchor is included with the clamp, and packs of four anchors are available ($29.00), so you can easily create multiple mounting locations for the clamp. I like these hold-downs a lot. They provide enough pressure to secure a board for routing and belt sanding and are quick and easy to adjust. They’ll grab thin material and beefier stock up to 3″ thick.

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