Infinity Dado Gauge

Reviewing the Infinity Dado GaugeIt’s easy to spend lots of time setting up a stackable dado head, searching for the perfect combination of rim blades, chippers, and shims to match the thickness of the material you’re working with. Infinity Tools has come up with a good solution for this problem. Their Dado Gauge, $30, to be used in conjunction with the Infinity Dadonator stackable dado, significantly reduces the time it takes to get a perfect fit between the material and the dado.

The Dado Gauge contains a series of precision cuts from 1/4″ to 29/32″ wide. You can just slip the cut over the material you’re cutting the dado for until you find the right fit. Then, set up the dado head using the recipe given on the Dado Gauge. If you can’t find the perfect fit, you can still get close, then use dado shims to make up the difference.

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