Freud Plywood and Melamine Circular Saw Blade

Reviewing the Freud LUK79R007 Circular Saw BladeMost of us need to rough cut sheet goods done to manageable sizes before getting them on to the table saw for final sizing. The challenge is getting a cut from a circular saw that looks different from a beaver chewed through your expensive sheet stock. Freud’s Ultimate Plywood and Melamine blade, $50, promises splinter-free surfaces on both faces of your sheet stock.

The cut quality comes from a bunch of characteristics. With 60 teeth, this is a very fine-toothed circular saw blade. The blade has a Hi-ATB (alternate top bevel) tooth geometry, which is the tooth type that typically leaves the smoothest edge. It’s also a thin kerf blade, which will be especially helpful for underpowered saws. Combined with a straight edge and your circular saw, this blade allows chip-free cutting. No beaver marks…

Photo By Manufacturer

Freud LUK79R007 7-1/4″ blade

Price: $50


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