FastCap’s Folding Chisels and More

chiselclosed Back in my construction days, I struggled to keep a sharp chisel in my apron. First, it was an abusive environment that quickly dulled the chisel. Second, when the chisel was nice and sharp, the cutting tip quickly worked through my leather apron, leaving big holes behind.

chiselopen FastCap’s new Pocket Chisels solve this problem. Available in 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″, $24.14 each, the two-part handle protectively folds over the blade when you’re not using it. I know you’ll be skeptical about the durability of the handle. Incredibly, this handle can take a beating. I’ve seen the FastCap folks drive these chisels into a 4 x 4 using a claw hammer, and the handle shows little sign of wear. You can watch the video for yourself on the FastCap website.

chiselopening-copy I’m not building houses anymore, but I still see the need for the Pocket Chisels. Instead of my construction apron, I keep one in my shop apron. It may not be my chisel of choice for hand-chopped mortises, but it’s convenient for everyday shop work.

pocket-diamond-sharpenerNever one to let a good idea lie, FastCap has also evolved a Pocket Diamond Sharpener, $36.24, Pocket Putty Knife, $10, and Pocket Combo Putty Knife, $12.10. The sharpener comes with 300-grit on one side and 600-grit on the other.

pocket-putty-combo The combo putty knife can be used as a putty blade, scraping blade, paint roller cleaner, grout cleaner or crack opener.

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