Fastcap Speed Skate Product Review

Fastcap Speed Skate

I’m a one-man-shop and, as a result, I’m always on the lookout for easier ways to move sheet goods around. Fastcap’s Speed Skate looked liked a good idea, so I figured I’d check it out.

The Fastcap Speed Skate, $25, is specifically designed to help you roll, instead of carry, sheet stock around your shop. It’ll support material up to 1-3/4” thick and 500 pounds.

Speed Skate supporting material

Lift one end of the sheet or door or countertop and set it in the Speed Skate cradle.

Speed Skate rolling sheet stock

Now you’re ready to roll. I figured that if it’ll handle a sheet of ¾” particle board, it’ll handle anything.

How’d it work?

Without question, using the Fastcap Speed Skate is easier then picking up a sheet and carrying it. With the Skate in the (approximate) center of the sheet you have to balance it a little to keep the corners from dragging, but that’s easy. The sheet feels a little top heavy as you roll it around, so you do have to maintain control to prevent the sheet from tipping over. But what I REALLY like is that, with wheels only in the center of the sheet, you have a lot of mobility. It’s very easy to turn corners and snake through a constricted shop. Check out the photo sequence below.

Speed Skate moving material 01
Speed Skate moving material 02
Speed Skate moving material 03

Once you get the hang of driving, you can turn a very tight corner. Another pair of hands on the other end of the sheet would make this so easy it would feel like cheating.

The Speed Skate is a good addition to any shop that routinely handles sheet goods, countertops, doors…. You get the picture; heavy stuff that tests your wing span and your arm strength. At $25, it’s an inexpensive set of wheels that you’ll have a pleasure driving.


Speed Skate $25 Fastcap (888) 443-3748

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4 Responses to “Fastcap Speed Skate Product Review”

  1. rudy g

    I have been using a small 4 wheel furniture dolly that has swivel casters on one side and fixed casters on the other side.

  2. Robert

    This seems like an easy cheating way of moving from driveway to shop I love it. Thanks

  3. fixitcr63

    Garth, Doesn't sound like that would be all that difficult. Maybe a "U" shaped center carrier out of plywood with some sort of shaft attached to the top area of the wings of the "U", to act as axles for some tires, like the ones they use on the back of some of the push mowers.

  4. Garth

    I need to make an off-road version to get sheet goods from my driveway out to my shop in the back yard...