FastCap ChopShop Saw Hood

chopshophood Dust Collection for any Miter Saw. Miter saws broadcast sawdust like sprinklers broadcast water. And it’s nearly impossible to get effective dust collection on them, especially if the saw isn’t permanently mounted to a bench. It’s bad enough when you’re working in the shop, but when you’re using the saw someplace you want to keep clean, like trimming a house or building a deck, good luck!

FastCap’s ChopShop Saw Hood, $220, provides an excellent solution to this problem. It mounts behind the saw, catching nearly all the dust the saw kicks out. It really can’t help but work since it’s like a big parachute. Even when the miter saw is angled to the extreme left or right, the Saw Hood is large enough to catch the dust. The Saw Hood is lightweight, easy to put up and take down, and lets you spend more time workin’ and less time cleanin’.

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