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Reviewing Fast Caps Artisan Accent capsThe look of a pinned mortise and tenon joint is classic. FastCap has provided a new way to achieve this time tested look. Their Artisan Accent caps look like an ebony pin that you’ve carefully tapped into place, cut, and sanded, but are significantly easier to use.

Start by tapping a recess using a 5/16″ hollow mortise chisel. Insert the prongs on the Artisan Accent cap into the recess and tap the cap so it seats into the wood. Done.

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Reviewing Fast Caps Artisan Accent capsThe Accent caps could be used to cover a wooden peg or screw you’ve used to reinforce a joint or simply added as an accent to a dowel, mortise and tenon, or screw pocket joint. If you’ve already got a 5/16″ square mortise chisel, you’re good to go; just buy the caps ($7 for 50 pieces). Otherwise FastCap sells the Mortise Tool for $27. FastCap has plans for additional sizes including a 2″ cap that could be used to cover bolt heads on large scale projects.

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