Economic Custom Grips for Screwdrivers

Economic Custom Grips For ScrewdriversI have yet to find a screwdriver that comes with a comfortable handle. One day, while rummaging through my shop junk drawer, I came across a left over rubber foot. The feet are sold in hardware stores and used to create a no slip, no-mar cover for everything from canes to chair legs.

On a lark, I stuck one on the end of a screwdriver I was using. I couldn’t believe how much it improved the feel of the screwdriver in my hand. I think it improves the torque I can put on a screw and it certainly gives me a nice cushion. Rubber feet come in all sizes and cost pennies. Try it; you’ll be amazed.

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5 Responses to “Economic Custom Grips for Screwdrivers”

  1. Randy Crighton

    Interesting idea. Makes me wonder, if the rubber chair foot works so well for the screwdriver, how much would it help with chisels, particularly with cushioning the pressure against the palm of one's hand when pushing or tapping?

  2. Thomas Mitchell

    I've driven a ton of phillips head screws and tried about every brand of driver. I used the Enderes brand for many years because the point lasted longer before it rounded off and slipped. About 4 years ago I was in a Home Depot and picked up a Husky brand phillips screw driver and it is now the only driver I use. The handle is a cushion grip, 5 sided and slightly larger then my others. There is a grit like grippe surface on the point that keeps it from slipping out of the head of the screw. It's much easier to grip with arthritic fingers. Look one over the next time you need a new phillips screw driver.

  3. Red schrum

    Bicycle handgrips work well for a screwdriver you use a lot.

  4. GARY

    I'd a never thunked, great idea :-)

  5. Frank Nemke sr.

    When jawed tools the handle peels off I use a plastic hose a little smaller than the handle, cut then to laenth the put them in hot water a couple of minites, fish them out with tongs and hold them with a potholder and slip them on the handlethey stick to the handls . if they are to tite spray them with wd40. the tool handle, Not the plastic tubes .when he air cool they stick to the handle you have to cut it off. PS: wd40 also works on radiator hoses also. spray the receiver , not the hose.