Bosch PR011 Plunge Base for the Bosch Colt

plunge baseHere’s a new addition for the popular Bosch Colt trim router; a plunge base, $99.00. The base offers a very fine depth of cut adjustment system, a clear sub-base, and a 7-position depth stop, two of which are adjustable. This base is a great addition to a very nice router.

In addition to being sold as a stand-alone base that can be added to an existing router, the entire system will also be sold as a package, retailing for about $199.

Bosch PR011 Plunge Base

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2 Responses to “Bosch PR011 Plunge Base for the Bosch Colt”

  1. drmuttillo

    I have the same Plunge Base for one of my Bosch Colt Trim Routers and I love it as well as the vacuum attachment it works like a charm. No buyers remorse from me on this purchase.

  2. Allen

    <p>Thanks for the review. I just bought one of these and can't wait to start using it.</p>