Bosch Multi-X Battery Operated Multi-Tool

ps50-hero65 A multi-tool is a pretty handy thing to have. Like the name implies, it’s capable of handling lots of different jobs. Cutting, sanding, scraping, these tools can do a lot of work for you. They’re already convenient, and Bosch has made them even more convenient by going cordless. Their new Multi-X Cutting Kit, $185, runs on 12-volt lithium batteries similar to those Bosch has been using in their ultra-compact cordless drills. Lithium batteries are a real benefit in a tool like this that you may not use every day. Since lithium batteries hold their charge for months, you can put the tool away charged and be sure it’s ready to work when you need it.

The Multi-X is variable speed and comes with two batteries and a 30-minute charger, a sanding plate, and a cutting blade. Additional accessories are available for more cutting, scraping, sanding, and even grout removal jobs. Accessory prices range from $10 to $47. According to Bosch, the adaptor included with the tool allows it to accept accessories made by Dreml, Fein, and Proxxon.

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