Super General Saw Blade by Infinity Cutting Tools

infinitytools-supergenerallead I’ve owned many different brands of “general purpose” saw blades over the years. All performed a variety of sawing tasks and all cost around $100. One aspect of general purpose blades that I really like is that I can leave one blade in my table saw for almost all of my cuts. This saves me switching back and forth from rip, to crosscut, to plywood blades for most cutting tasks.I recently purchased one of Infinity Cutting Tools new Super General saw blades and I was pleasantly surprised. It cuts plywood better than I would have suspected. That’s probably due to the use of modern saw blade making techniques and the fact that the teeth are ground at an alternating 30° angle.

Mounted in a well tuned table saw and paired with a zero-clearance table saw insert, the results of crosscutting plywood nearly rival that of my most expensive dedicated plywood crosscut saw blade.  I made test cuts in melamine, although that’s not something I do often, and the Super General worked well for that, only exposing a minimal amount of underside chip-out. Crosscutting solid wood is nice and ripping solid wood works fairly well, too.

That being said, this is not the blade I would used to “hog” cut a mess of 8/4″ hard maple.  For that I’ll still use my dedicated rip saw blade. In thick stock, I find that a dedicated rip blade cuts faster and the stock is easier to feed than when I use a 40-tooth general-purpose blade. At $110, the Super General is a great saw blade for anyone who wants one blade to do it all.

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