Band Saw Safety Tips

A band saw is capable of many different operations, from delicate curves to cutting logs. Follow these Band saw safety tips and guidelines to stay safe on your saw.

band saw safety tips 1 Set the upper guide as low as possible without touching the wood. This guarantees the blade is completely covered without room for a finger to accidentally slip under the guide.

2 band saw safety tips 2 Adjust the upper blade guard so the blade is completely covered. An exposed blade is always dangerous, even when it’s well above the cut.

band saw safety tips 3 Use the correct width blade for the desired cut radius. Don’t try to horse a wide blade through a tight radius. Not only will this lead to premature guide wear, but the twisting action could also cause the blade to break.Use a sharp blade. The old adage “A dull tool is more dangerous than a sharp one” is true. A dull blade requires extra feed pressure that in turn increases the likelihood of a hand slip. Plus, it makes band saw work a lot of work, and puts unnecessary strain on your saw.

band saw safety tips 4Keep your hands away from the line of cut. Never push stock directly into the blade with your hand in line with the cut without a push stick. A slip of the hand could send it into the blade. Whenever possible, anchor your hands on the table and push with your fingers only. Keep shifting and planting your hands as you move through the cut. You’ll also find this technique provides better control in intricate cuts since you’re not using your upper body to guide the stock.

band saw safety tips 5 A push stick keeps your fingers away from the blade. Big pieces like this take a fair amount of force, increasing the risk of a hand slip.

band saw safety tips 6An outfeed support is a must to safely resaw long stock. Attempting to guide the cut on a long board while simultaneously holding it down on the table can be difficult or impossible, especially at the end of the cut. Even if you only have one board to resaw, it’s worth taking the time to set up and use an outfeed support.

band saw safety tips 7 It’s often easier and safer to walk around the back of the saw and pull the board.

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