This great project that will give you a charge! It’s an attractive wall hung cabinet that brings all of your handheld devices together in one place to charge. Bruce Kieffer will walk you through the details for building one of your own.

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103 Responses to “Tablet and Smartphone Charging Station”

  1. Juan Carlos Villordo

    Muy buen proyecto, sobre todo cuando recibimos visitas y estas olvidaron sus cargadores.

  2. Rosalie Hyatt

    Good idea!

  3. Pete Webber

    I like the project. I don't have a computer in my shop and like to have paper copies. Do you have a printer version of your projects so I don't have to print out all of the color? Thank you.

  4. Don Grissom

    I like this as I’m a beginner. I would like to try my hand at this project.

  5. Alonso Baca Hernandez


  6. Leandro

    So nice..

  7. Earl R King Jr

    Like its aok

  8. Earl R King Jr

    It Is AOK

  9. Rico Obena

    Learning new things

  10. Ben Ondrak

    have not seen it yet