If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, here’s a great way to maximize valuable shop space: a full-size, wall-mounted workbench that folds up into a neat, 13-inch-deep package. It even has space for a built-in light and plenty of storage shelves. We make this project easy with our folding workbench plans.

The workbench is as easy to use as it is to build. To close, fold the lightbox down, remove the cross braces from the legs, lift the benchtop and latch into place. Fold the legs into the bottom of the benchtop, shoot the bolt and slide the cross braces in behind the legs.

The project measures about 72 inches long by 34 inches deep by 74 inches tall. It folds up to about 72 inches long by 13 inches deep by 34 inches tall.

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95 Responses to “Folding Workbench Plans”

  1. Georgia D Ehrhardt

    Hello, this looks awesome

  2. Blake Britt

    I am going to start on this project next week. This workbench would be great for my little building.


    Do you have any Roubo split bench plans?

  4. Agustin Pimstein

    Just download the plans, but still have some doubts. Are there available more photos of the building process and mainly end product closed and open?

  5. Ben

    Great idea for those of us with limited space!

  6. Michael

    Well i tried to make this workbench and i can say that its good, but i propably didnt make it correctly haha. I'm living in europe so i had to convert inches to centimeters, if anybody here need it: https://amazingconverter.com/metric-conversion/metric-conversion-from-inches + remember, the number of inches * 2.54 = the result in centimeters!!! Hope i helped! :)

  7. Dave Wirth

    Looks like an interesting project to put into my list of wanna-do's


    Do you have plans for a workbench made entirely of 2x4

  9. Jacques Steyn

    Hi, just joined and eager to start this project. Great work by the way. Do you have a video of this by any chance? Thanks in advance.

  10. Carl Guthrie

    Am I able to put a vise on this bench?