This box is great as a gift. It’s easy to make, using a dowel as a hinge pivot, so there’s no need to mortise for hinges and drill for screws–which saves tons of time. This box could be made with dovetailed corners, but this is the express version, with miters for the corners. While measurements for the box are included with the plans, you can modify your design depending on the stock laying around your shop.

Use these techniques and dimensions as a starting point and go from there. The handle or lid is a great place to utilize that beautiful curly grained off-cut you just couldn’t throw away!

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128 Responses to “Small Precious Box”

  1. Jerry Spell



    Think I may gie this one a try.

  3. Deb Weber

    Would love it for photos

  4. Terri Koski

    It looks easy enough. Think I’ll try it.

  5. Will


  6. Eric Farrell

    Looking for plans for the jewelry box?

  7. Charles Beer

    It is a beautiful box. Please send me the plans.

  8. John Layman

    I’m interested in the jewelry box plans.

  9. Tom Wells

    looking for plans

  10. Pierre Labonte

    I would like to introduce this project to a grade 9 level class