This simple and elegant planter bench project is ideal for the porch, patio, or pool. Filled with plants and flowers, it will define a corner of the porch or patio with style.

Featuring all straight cuts and modular construction, the project allows the builder to decide what combination of planter boxes and connecting benches works best for their own space. Bills of material are included for individual boxes and benches, as well as for the combination pictured.

The planter bench as pictured is built from redwood for its beauty, strength, and durability, although other woods can be substituted if properly treated. The finished planter boxes measure about 20.5 inches square by 17 inches tall, and the benches measure 36 inches long by 15 inches wide.

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61 Responses to “Planter Bench”

  1. Herlan César Freyre Antich

    Bonito diseño!

  2. Charles Galea

    Hi , I'm a newbie in woodworking and was wondering whether there is a video with step by step instructions on how to manufacture this planter bench. With all honesty I'm finding it hard to work. With the plan only. Thanks.

  3. Paul Brandsen

    Please send plans

  4. Joe Newman

    excellent project, clear concise plans...thanks. is there a video to accompany this such as the chair build one?

  5. Edwin Griffin


  6. Charlotte

    Awsome website I want t to learn how to make all these fine projects

  7. Switherman


  8. Lynn Dunigan

    No comment

  9. James Miller

    Looks good, how do I make it?

  10. William Nettles

    I have planters now that need to be replaced. These plans will work nicely