Just the thing to frame a corner of the yard or patio, this patio wall and planter combination is great for hanging plants and flowers while sheltering the barbecue and outdoor dining area from the wind.

Out in the yard, it can screen off a corner where garden tools or garbage cans are stored. The planter box is built separately, so the builder can decide whether or not to include it. The completed wall and planter unit measures about eight feet tall by eight feet long.

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12 Responses to “Patio Wall & Planter”
  1. James Todd
    James Todd

    This looks just like something that we have discussed for our new addition to the house.

  2. Allen Winter
    Allen Winter

    Looks like what we’ve been looking for to block view into our niehbors home and ours.

  3. Debra De Bartolo
    Debra De Bartolo

    where is a plan for Rose trellis? not coming up in Search 🙁

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Debra. We do not have a plan for a rose trellis. Thanks for checking.
      Woodworkers Guild of America