Start building your own ice box today with our DIY project plans. There was a time when an ice box like this could be found in almost every home. Although refrigerators have rendered them obsolete, antique oak ice boxes remain popular with collectors, even though they’re usually expensive and hard to find.

This DIY woodworking project and authentic reproduction is neither: it is both inexpensive and easy to build, making use of readily available materials and requiring only straight cuts. It’s also versatile, and makes a great end table or bedside table.

The one-door ice box measures 26 inches tall by 23 inches wide by 17 inches deep. All DIY project plans are available exclusively to WWGOA members only. Join today!

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22 Responses to “One-Door Ice Box Plans”

  1. Will

    Need ice box plans

  2. Darhl Worrell

    Love your projects !

  3. javameister

    i need this plan

  4. Vickie Noonan

    I want to see how to de angle pilot holes

  5. Vickie


  6. larryjustice70

    I am looking for plans to make a simple end table

  7. Robert

    I am looking for plans for a toy box. Can you help?

  8. Howard Staton

    built one similar years ago but I had to use pine due to cost restrictions

  9. Joel Enns

    great plans good selection

  10. carl mccants

    great stuff